What is eHospital?

eHospital is IntelliSOFT’s flagship product which is an end-to-end hospital information system powered by Bahmni and, eHospital has been tailored for the African Landscape in line with Ministry of Health standards. 

eHospital comprises 3  integrated subsystems; medical records system, laboratory system and an enterprise resource planning system. It is a single entity that supports managing the patient journey from registration, through consultation, and raising orders including laboratory, imaging and prescriptions. Additionally, the ERP has billing, accounting and warehousing capabilities. 

eHospital powered by Bahmni

Our vision for eHospital is to positively impact care delivery through access to and use of quality health data.

What eHospital Offers

Built for the East African Health Landscape

eHospital is a Hospital Information System built in East Africa, designed for the East African Health landscape. It is easily configurable to include forms and reports required by country and national governments.

Powered by Bahmni

eHospital is a distribution of Bahmni, which is an open source platform. Behind the product is a strong and active community continuously developing and strengthening its impact. eHospital leverages the software excellence and technical architecture of a globally proven system.

Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making

eHospital transforms health delivery by allowing care providers access to quality data and information. The system provides the foundation for a longitudinal health record, tracking information such as consultation notes, diagnoses, lab orders, drug history, and more.

End-to-End Facility System

eHospital has the ability to capture all patient touch points with a facility. Beginning from patient registration, through care delivery to billing. eHospital is a fully integrated system through which healthcare providers can get real-time patient information and facility management the business support they need.

eHospital Implementations

St. Joseph’s Health Center

St. Joseph’s Health Centre is a facility founded in 1993 and managed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes. Almost all the facility’s processes were paper-based, causing inefficiencies in care delivery. IntelliSOFT Consulting partnered with St. Joseph’s to define, develop and deploy the inaugural implementation of eHospital.

Read more about the full case study here.

Cure International Hospital

AIC-CURE International Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya was founded in 1998 in collaboration with the African Inland Church of Kenya. It was the first Cure International Hospital in Kenya. Cure Kenya also conducts mobile clinics in remote areas of the country where patients are booked for appointments reviews and surgeries at the main hospital.

Read more about the full case study here.

South Sudan EMR (SSEMR)

In 2019, IntelliSOFT worked closely with IntraHealth International to design, develop and deploy a localized Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System, South Sudan EMR (SSEMR) to support the coordination and management of HIV positive patients’ health care needs in South Sudan. eHospital, powered by Bahmni (an Open-source Hospital System) was the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of choice and was adapted to support improved HIV client management, viral load tracking and appointment management.
Read more about the full case study here.

Explore eHospital

Demo link: https://demoehospital.intellisoftkenya.com/ 

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